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Facilitation of Transformative Learning 

Why focus on transformative learning?

Learning is about transformation, it's about change, it's about seeing yourself in relation to the world differently (Lyn in Apte 2003:92).

This is the potential of transformative learning; how learning sometimes transforms people’s perceptions, enabling them to see things differently and act differently in their world. 

Transformative learning is a possibility in many contexts, particularly when a person, organisation or community is facing a major challenge. Much adult learning is additive; people gain new information, develop understandings, and extend their skills within their current frames of reference. However, people may be experiencing a challenge that requires them to do things differently if they are to be effective. However, our previous knowledge, strategies and personal strengths may be blocking the emergence of new solutions. 

Therefore, to facilitate transformative learning we are often navigating complex processes of learning and change. As educators, managers or professional leaders we are already an audience for the participant’s current frames of reference and need to respond in some way to that. We can also be an audience for emerging knowledge and capability.

Transformative Learning Framework

5 Minute Snapshot: Dr Judi Apte talks about her interest in the field of Transformative Learning

Outline of the Professional Development Course
Judi Apte Transformative Learning Course Outline Image.jpg

The Facilitation of Transformative Learning course enables you to explore the transformative learning aspects of your change initiative or education program. It then takes you through the framework that Judi has developed from her doctoral thesis. We then explore strategies that can be used at each stage and co-design strategies that you can use in your initiative/ program.


Advanced follow up sessions are also available; these focus on extending your options for complexities in the initiative, or facilitation options when a group or team demonstrates resistance, has become ‘stuck’ or polarised.

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