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Examples of Themes for Managers and Leaders in Health and Community Services

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Establishing myself in the
management role

  • Moving from practitioner to manager: skills transfer and new challenges

  • Reviewing management theories and approaches – are they fit for the 21st century?

  • Emotionally intelligent leadership

  • Managing up – challenges and strategies

  • Management and leadership capabilities – self assessment and development planning

Effective professional and clinical supervision

  • Reviewing the agency’s approach to professional and clinical supervision

  • Strengthening the fundamentals

  • Reflective practice – taking it further

  • Adapting the supervision approach for staff at different stages of their professional development

  • Supportive aspects of supervision – individual and organisational perspectives

  • Facilitating group supervision

Leadership of teams

  • Leadership style: establishing a co-design, solution finding culture

  • Leadership strategies at different stages of team development

  • Developing a team development plan

  • Strategies for strengthening team communication

  • Developing people’s leadership contributions in the team - Belbin matrix

  • Building a conflict resilient organisation

  • Decision making: flexing from directive to consultative to facilitative styles

Developing a program logic & theory of change

  • Analysing client needs and identifying outcomes

  • Mapping client journeys

  • Using appreciative enquiry

  • Outlining a theory of change

Facilitating transformative learning

  • Blocks to learning from experience: an individual focus

  • Blocks to learning from experience: an organisational focus

  • Stages of transformative learning

  • Strategies for each stage

Building a healthier environment for myself, the team and the organisation 

Characteristics of a healthy working environment

  • Preventing burn out: a systems perspective to staff wellbeing

  • Mapping the flow paths of pressure – what is our “anxiety management system”?

  • Ways different staff members respond to expectations and pressures

  • Towards emotionally competent organisations

Navigating power dynamics

  • Styles of influence

  • Day to day experiences of power dynamics – What can you do if…?

  • Considering the background conversations

  • ‘Games supervisors play’

Managing change

  • Planned change + emergent change

  • Assisting the team to face adaptive challenges

  • Transformational leadership

  • Strategies for managing a significant change


Our role as thought leaders and system leaders

  • A champion of evidence and new ideas, a leader of co-creation of integrated knowledge, and a facilitator of transformative learning

  • Leading inter-professional communication - strategies

  • Collaboration between non-government and government agencies

Narratives of self, narratives of organisation - a personal review

  • Considering the background conversations – what do they show about the organisation’s narrative?

  • Considering emotional strengths and emotional signatures

  • Authentic leadership – is it possible?

  • A lifespan approach to management – and a review of my own leadership and management journey

  • Work/ family/ community/ life – a ‘juggle’, a ‘rich tapestry’?

re-design and service development

  • Developing a congruent client centred and human rights-based culture

  • Holistic, cross team collaboration strategies

  • Culture of the organisation – building on the potentials and addressing constraints

  • “COVID brought the best out of our managers and staff” – let’s take it further

More effective collaborations and partnerships - strategies and resources

  • Establishing and managing partnerships and collaborative efforts

  • Tools and resources for effective partnership work

  • Constructively addressing partnership challenges

  • Fostering an internal collaborative mindset and organisational/team culture


Leadership for adaptive challenges

  • An adaptive leadership approach to organisational and sector changes and transformation

  • Adaptive leadership strategies and capabilities for change and innovation

  • Building a culture of positive adaptability and resilience

  • Adaptive leadership self-assessment and development plan


Managing a project

  • Effective project design

  • Steps in managing a project

  • Key project management and implementation tools

  • Working effectively with a project team

  • Sustaining the work at the end of the project


Effective community engagement and consultation

  • Planning community and stakeholder engagement and consultation

  • Techniques and tools for effective engagement and consultation

  • Reaching sections of the community we find difficult to reach or engage - inclusive engagement and consultation

  • Codesign and community participation

Changing organisational culture

  • Mapping organisational and team culture

  • Creating a person and community centred, rights-based culture that supports staff well being

  • Building on organisational and team strengths

  • Pillars of organisational and team culture change

  • Strategies for creating a positive organisational and team culture

Facilitation skills for change and innovation

  • Planning a facilitated event or process such as strategic planning, review session, innovation workshop

  • Facilitation strategies and skills for effective dialogue

  • Responding to challenges such as factions, lack of participation

  • Tools and techniques to facilitate positive participation, creative thinking, actionable decision making

Leading human centred design thinking: strategies & tools

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