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Examples of Themes for Leadership Coaching for Women in Management

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Establishing myself in the
new leadership role

  • Management and leadership capabilities – self assessment and development planning

  • Reviewing management theories and approaches – are they fit for the 21st century?

  • Three core drivers for building a culture of trust

  • Emotionally intelligent leadership 

  • Managing up – challenges and strategies

Building a healthier environment for myself, the team and the organisation 

  • Characteristics of a healthy working environment 

  • Preventing burn out: a systems perspective to staff wellbeing 

  • Mapping the flow paths of pressure – what is our “anxiety management system”?

  • Ways different staff members respond to expectations and pressures

  • Towards emotionally competent organisations

Leadership of teams

  • Leadership strategies at different stages of team development

  • Great teams have…

  • Strategies for strengthening team communication

  • Team leadership skills - Belbin matrix

  • Decision making: flexing from directive to consultative to facilitative styles

Narratives of self, narratives of organisation: a personal review

  • Considering the background conversations – what do they show about the organisation’s narrative?

  • Authentic leadership – is it possible?

  • A lifespan approach to management – and a review of my own leadership and management journey 

  • Work/ family/ community/ life – a ‘juggle’, a ‘rich tapestry’?

Navigating power dynamics

  • Expectations on women as leaders

  • Styles of influence

  • Day to day experiences of power dynamics – what can you do if…?

  • ‘Games supervisors play’

Managing change

  • Planned change + emergent change 

  • Transactional leadership + transformational leadership

  • Strategies for managing a significant change

  • Assisting the team to face adaptive challenges

Adaptive leadership

  • An adaptive leadership response to complex environments

  • Everyday adaptive leadership strategies and capabilities

  • Building a culture of positive adaptability 

  • Adaptive leadership self-assessment and development plan

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